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When you use Voss Taxi SA, you give us access to information about you. Here you can read what information we collect, how we do it and what we use it for. Here you will find information about how information about you and your travels is processed in our systems. Electronic tracks about you related to our services are safe with us, and we will not misuse your information. Voss Taxi SA will process your personal information so that you get a simple and good service. The taxi company is responsible for the personal data that is processed. purpose In order to offer digital ordering, prepayment and additional services via and Mivai, we must be able to store information that is considered personal information. Implementation of changes We will occasionally be able to update Voss Taxi SA's privacy statement to reflect changes on the website or in our privacy statement. In the event of major changes, we will inform about this via our website, or you will be informed at the next login. In special cases, logged in users will be notified directly by email or notification by SMS. Privacy policy associated with the Mivai® app For the service to work optimally, we need to collect and use some information from you. This applies to basic information such as name, telephone number and e-mail address. If you want access to additional services, it may be necessary to provide additional information, e.g. payment card information (for payment directly in the app). By downloading and using the Mivai® app, you also agree to the following terms: Mivai sends you e-mails in the form of order confirmations, receipts, operating announcements and newsletters. You can change these settings in the app yourself. Voss Taxi SA protects all your personal data and complies with all aspects of the Personal Data Act ("Act on the processing of personal data" (LOV-2000-04-14-31), last amended as of 1 October 2015).

Mivai® automatically collects certain information related to your hardware and software. This information is used to tailor the service to your specific equipment, maintain the quality of the service, communicate between you and the driver, improve the user experience for you (and others who have similar equipment), and provide general statistics for the use of Mivai® for future reference. product enhancements. What do we store and why Parts of card type and number for payment by credit and debit card: We do not store the entire card number with us, but parts of it are stored when you register it directly in our services. This is stored in our database so that the customer can prepay and retrieve their digital receipts after the trip. If the information is registered in third-party solutions, such as when storing cards via the Mivai app, the customer is referred to the third party's own terms. Telephone number: Drivers can use the telephone number to contact the customer when picking up, or if he or she finds forgotten items in the car. We will also use telephone numbers to send out confirmations of orders, or if something unforeseen has happened that is important for the delivery of services. First and / or last name: Stored so that we can provide better customer service if we need to contact the customer, and to make the experience on more personal. Start and end addresses for trips: Used to generate digital receipts. Date and time of trips traveled: Used to generate digital receipts. Map history: To be able to retrieve favorite addresses for faster ordering. GPS: When booking a trip, GPS signals are used to find out where the customer is (start address).

Development of services We are constantly developing our services. When we develop additional services on that involve the storage of personal information, we will update these terms. Updated terms will be available on the web at all times. What is personal information? Personal information is information that can be linked to a person, such as name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address. By personal information we mean information that can be linked to an individual Settings for personal information You can restrict the storage and processing of information about you. Our services will then not be equally adapted to you. You can change the data processing that takes place in our apps at any time in the phone's settings. Here you can turn on and off notifications and open or turn off sending GPS data to location service. This affects the ability to get personalized services and targeted ads. Voss Taxi SA also logs data related to the individual taxi journeys. In addition, only the information that you provide to us through the app is stored. We will not ask for information that we do not need in order to fulfill our obligations to you. Your personal information will not be used for other purposes, or will be disclosed to others, unless you consent to such extended use. If you choose to register a profile about yourself in the Mivai® app, you will be able to see, edit and delete the personal information stored in "My Profile". You must enter your username and password to access this information.

Mivai® uses additional security technologies to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. By contacting us, you can gain access to your personal information stored with us Mivai® continuously cleans its databases. Information that is no longer relevant is automatically deleted. By contacting us, you can demand that your personal information stored with us be deleted. In that case, we only take care of information that we are required by law to keep. Mivai® uses cookies only to verify a valid user account. If you want to tailor the service to your specific purposes and preferences, you can configure a number of parameters under «your profile». Updated "Privacy Policy related to Voss Taxi SA" is available at all times at Some of our services require the customer to agree to the terms of use due to the scope of the service. When using the Mivai app, the customer must approve the collection and storage of personal information at the first start-up. At, the customer approves the collection of personal information by registering as a user and using the service. Some services will not function as intended without active consent, such as location services. All data that the customer fills in to use our services is stored in our customer database. Voss Taxi SA does not have the opportunity to use the information beyond our purpose. Everything is encrypted to ensure that the communication between our services is as secure as possible. We do not have the opportunity to store or collect information beyond what we have specified in this document. Changes in what we collect will be notified in advance.

We have no control over, or responsibility for, third party software with respect to personal information. We will not use third-party solutions that are widely known for violating the Privacy Information Act in Norway. We use Google Maps, Vipps and DIBS, among others. Please see privacy information in these apps. What is the information used for? We work constantly to give you a customized and good experience of Voss Taxi SA. Here are the main purposes we use personal information for: Deliver the services you expect from us Save yourself time and effort Understand market trends and needs Right of access, correction and deletion The customer has the right to demand access to the registered information, as well as the right to demand correction and deletion in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Contact us by e-mail for customer service: If the customer deletes his profile, the associated personal information will also be deleted. As a result, travel receipts will be anonymous, as previously created profile. Processing Manager & Privacy Officer Voss Taxi SA has a privacy representative to ensure a safe and good processing of personal data. The scheme was initiated by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. You can contact Voss Taxi SA's privacy representative at the e-mail address

What rules apply to the handling of personal data? Voss Taxi SA is responsible for the handling of personal information collected through the use of our services. Voss Taxi SA complies with the Personal Data Act in the processing of personal data. When you allow us to share personal information with others, they will have an independent responsibility for further processing of the information. Child privacy We do not want to collect or otherwise process personal information about children under the age of 16. If children under the age of 16 have nevertheless given us personal information, we will delete the information as soon as we become aware of the situation. Parents can contact us as stated below. Deletion of personal information We do not store personal data any longer and to a greater extent than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing unless it is required by law, for example through the Accounting Act. We have extensive routines for deletion and anonymization. You can even request that information be removed from your user profile. The main rule is that personal information is stored for a maximum of two years. How quickly information is deleted may vary. Access to stored personal information If you want insight into what kind of information we have about you, please fill out the attached form and send this to