Voss Taxi

Voss Taxi SA had the name Voss Drosjebilsentral until 2013. We are the main providers of patient transport and school transport in Voss Municipality.

We also provide services to various actors and customers, such as the Municipality, County Municipality, VY, various doctors/treatment institutions. Both locally and in the county.


There are a total of 22 licenses belonging to Voss Taxi.

This is what the fleet looks like with the number of seats in each car today.

2 vehicles that accommodate 16 people (Maxi Taxi). These can also accommodate wheelchair users, but with fewer passengers than 16.

4 cars that accommodate 8 people. 3 of these can also accommodate wheelchair users.

2 cars that accommodate 7 passengers.

4 cars that accommodate 6 people.

The other cars can accommodate 4 people. All are station wagons. All cars except for the Maxi Taxis are 4WD.

The phone is staffed around the clock, all year round. If you need a larger vehicle than a standard one that accommodates 4 passengers, see more information on the "Contact" page. Voss Taxi consists of 22 cars with 15 taxi owners and 2 minibuses.

We are located in the heart of Voss Center. You may recognize our red and white taxi booth from several television appearances, including "Norge Rundt" and "Sommeråpent".

It is no longer in use as we moved into new and larger premises just across the street. Our fleet stands there as it always has (by the red booth).

In our new premises, we also have a large and heated waiting room with chairs and sofas where you can relax while waiting. The waiting room is open from 07:00 to 20:00 every day.