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Our drivers can show you the best sights here in Voss. You can stop along the way to visit the various destinations, and you decide where to start and end the journey.

With Voss Taxi, you can customize your own sightseeing excursion and go exactly where you want to go at your own pace. We are happy to provide route suggestions, but will tailor the excursion to the wishes and interests of you and your fellow travelers. Our vehicles come with professional and experienced drivers with knowledge of the area.


Tvindefossen is the 98th highest waterfall in Norway based on total drop. The waterfall is located at Tvinde in Voss municipality, 12 km north of Voss town center, right by the E-16. The waterfall is a well-known tourist attraction. It has a total drop of 110 meters, with the longest single drop being 85 meters. The water from Tvindefossen comes from the Kro River and flows into the Stranda River.

In the late 1990s, the water from Tvindefossen also gained a reputation for rejuvenation and revitalization of sexual potency, making it one of the major natural tourist attractions in Western Norway, with as many as 200,000 people a year from the USA, Japan, and Russia visiting and filling containers with the water. At one point, it was Norway's ninth most visited natural attraction, with 272,000 visitors.


Skjervsfossen is a waterfall in Granvin municipality in Hordaland. It is located at Skjervet, about halfway between Granvin and Voss. National Road 13 passes on the ledge between the upper and lower falls. R13 is one of Norway's most important tourist roads.

The waterfall is located 15 kilometers from Voss town center, but be sure to take the old road and not the tunnel! Skjervsfossen is a twin waterfall in the Storelvi river with a total height of 125 meters. The upper part is the most impressive with a vertical drop of 60 meters.


Bordalsgjelet is a spectacular natural attraction within walking distance from the town center. The deep and dramatic Bordalsgjelet is accessible to the public with viewpoints and benches.

When there is no snow and ice, there is also a marked path you can follow into the gorge. Here, you get a good view of the fantastic potholes that ice and the river have shaped over millennia. But remember, for your own safety: Stay on the marked trails!


Voss Folkemuseum was founded in 1917. The museum's first task was to purchase the farmyard at Mølster, which today is one of three authentic farmyards owned and preserved by the museum. In these three farmyards, all the buildings are still situated exactly where they were when people lived there.

At Mølster farm, which can easily be seen on the hillside above Vossevangen, there is a newer museum building where permanent and temporary exhibitions provide visitors with greater knowledge of the local culture. There is also a museum shop, and in the summer they usually have chickens and sheep on the farm. The museum can be reached on foot or by car.

Sightseeing prices 2024

Monday - Friday


1-4 persons up to 1 hour: NOK 850

5-6 persons up to 1 hour: NOK 950

7-8 persons up to 1 hour: NOK 1050

9-16 persons up to 1 hour: NOK 1100


Saturday- Sunday

1-4 persons up to 1 hour: NOK 935.

5-6 persons up to 1 hour: NOK 1045

7-8 persons up to 1 hour: NOK 1155

9-16 persons up to 1 hour: NOK 1210

Any toll fees will be added.


Sightseeing should be booked at least 1 day in advance to ensure availability. For more information and booking, please contact us by email or phone.


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